Buyback prices of gold, platinum and silver

Check current buyback prices of gold and platinum. We negotiate on any piece larger than 150 grams! 

ZL333Gold 33385,00zł
ZL375Gold 37595,70zł
ZL500Gold 500127,50zł
ZL585Gold 585149,20zł
ZL750Gold 750191,20zł
ZL900Gold 900229,50zł
ZL916Gold 916229,50zł
ZL986Gold 986251,50zł
ZL999Gold 999.9255,00zł
PL999Platinum 999.596,00zł
SR800Silver 8002,00zł
SR830Silver 8302,10zł
SR875Silver 8752,28zł
SR925Silver 9252,30zł
SR999Silver 999,92,50zł
PD 99Palladium 99%127,00zł

The prices shown here are not an offer in the understanding of provisions outlined in the Civil Code of the Republic of Poland. In order to establish a transaction we ask that you come to us in person, or contact us by telephone or electronically.